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  • John Swinney MSP
JSMSP Perthshire
JSMSP Perthshire
JSMSP Perthshire
JSMSP Perthshire
JSMSP Perthshire

Press Release

Tayside oral health improving under SNP

Publised date : 15 Jul 2019

Perthshire North MSP, Mr John Swinney, has hailed the latest NHS figures that show NHS dentist registrations have rocketed under the SNP – with 90.7% more adults registered in NHS Tayside since 2007. 
The number of children across the region registered with an NHS dentist has also risen dramatically with 91% now registered - a 32% increase since 2007.  

Previous Labour and Lib Dem administrations at Holyrood oversaw a decline of 4.5% in adults registered with a dentist in NHS Tayside– while the amount of children registered fell by 1.6% 

Across Scotland there are now 107% more adults and 43% more children registered with an NHS dentist than before the SNP came into power.  

Commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“This Scottish Government has taken huge strides in improving the oral health of people in Tayside and across Scotland.

“Since the SNP came to power, efforts to increase the number of people receiving regular dental check-ups is paying off, with the number of adults registered more than doubling across Scotland. 

“Here in Tayside, we’ve seen 91% more adults and 31% more children registered with an NHS dentist since 2007. 

“Of course there’s always room for improvement, and I hope to see more people across Tayside ensuring they are able to access a local NHS dentist.” 

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